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Youth Advocates

Do you have a dyslexic student who struggles with self-esteem?

Would you like your child to learn self-advocacy skills?

Would you like to network with both children and adults in the dyslexia community?

Meet the Decoding Dyslexia UT Youth Advocates


Loves Legos

Hates math

Is awesome at engineering and problem solving

Struggles with reading and math.


Loves singing and theater

spells creatively

Is really good a math

Struggles with spelling


He loves gaming.

He hates English

He is awesome at science

He struggles with English


Loves the outdoors

Hates frilly dresses

Is awesome at hunting

Struggles with reading and writing


Love Scuba diving

Hates Math

Is awesome at Making friends.

Struggles with school work.


Loves airplanes

Hates math

Is good at designing and engineering

Struggles with math


Loves military history

Hates spelling

Is excellent at working hard in math and science 

Struggles with spealing, speling….wait spelling!

We are committed to helping people with dyslexia recognize their strengths, build confidence and develop self-advocacy skills. We provide community outreach for educators, the general public, and our Utah legislators.

~ Decoding Dyslexia Utah

Advice from our Youth Advocates!

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What accommodations do you use at school so you can be successful?

What assistive technology do you use at school and at home?

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Is there a moment or experience that stands out to you?

How has having dyslexia been positive for you?

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What did your family do to help you overcome your dyslexia?

What do people think about dyslexia that is not true?

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Play Video

What do you tell your friends about dyslexia?

What do you wish your teachers knew about dyslexia?

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What is the hardest part of school for you?

How did it feel when you found out you were dyslexic?

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If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell them about having dyslexia?